The Artist

Anna's Art LAb

"Art is a guarantee of sanity."

-Loisé Bourgeois-

Anna-Julia was born in Hamburg, Germany and moved to Seattle in 2013.

After receiving a master degree in education and visual arts she worked as a teacher in Brazil, Africa and Germany. When she moved to the US she started teaching at a German school, joined a gallery and realized her life long dream to open ANNA'S ART LAB. 

ANNAS ART LAB is a place to create art, learn about art and to develop personal growth to find your art style.

"With ANNAS ART LAB I have created a unique space that gives the opportunity to try out different ways of art. A peaceful studio and a beautiful garden offer different settings to create art."

ANNA passes on a wide spectrum of creativity and skills. How to paint with oil, acrylics or watercolor, drawing techniques, sewing, collage art, land art, photography, sculpturing and pottery.       

The ART LAB offers private lessons, workshops, art to learn German and art therapy.

"You can never be too young or too old to develop your art."